Neutrality in broadcast news: “The left is hurting terribly”

The study investigates the ways in which the Dutch standard news programme NOS-journaal and the alternative PowNews practice neutrality and deal with political perspectives. The analysis focuses on question design, support and evaluation. The results show that neither edition of news programmes on the national channel is neutral. However, they differ in their non-neutrality.

More information? Read the presentation and the handout with tables and examples. Watch also the video clips [icon name=icon-caret-right]


 Presentation [icon name=icon-caret-right]



Handout with tables and examples [icon name=icon-caret-right] 

Characteristics NOS-journaal

Characteristic visuals and sounds of NOS-journaal (0:17)

Characteristics PowNews

Characteristic visuals and sounds of PowNews (0:18)

Voorbeeld 8

Example 8: Evaluation in the trailor, immediately after the headline and before the news kernel, voiced by an expert interviewee (0:13)

Voorbeeld 9

Example 9: Evaluation, embedded at the end of a news item and voiced by an interviewee (0:59)

Voorbeeld 10

Example 10: Evaluation at the beginning, in the middel and at the end of an interview and voiced by interviewer and interviewee (1:10)

Voorbeeld 11

Example 11: Political position, voiced by the interviewee at the end of a news item (0:20)

Voorbeeld 12

Example 12: Political position, initiated by the interviewer, popping up in the middel of a news item and continued by the interviewee (0:11)